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I knew that downvoting was coming.

Anyone who doubts that freemasonry does not play a role in the consolditation of world power has not done their reading. Yes it is evil, no not everyone in it is evil, many are unaware of the truth behind it, they are told from day one to ignore anything and everything a non-brother says about the fraternity. We uninitiated are called the "profane" and looked at as inferior subjects who are not enlightened by the secret knowledge...hmm kind of reminds of that Zionist talmudic nonsense. Everyone not in the club is inferior and subject to their slavery, manipulation, brainwashing and underhanded tactics. Google - "Albert Pike" arrested and jailed for treason, pardoned by the governor a fellow brother mason. Google "Aleister Crowley". Why would any one be part of a group that promoted the advancement of said individuals to the top of their ranks?