Comment: A Nation of Sheep

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A Nation of Sheep

One of the remarkable things is to compare the reaction of our Country after 9/11, and contrast that with the reaction after the Kennedy Assassination.

By 1966, there were many doubts, and public figures openly questioning what happened in the Kennedy murder (and related events). By the late 60s the public largely did not accept the official story anymore. And when Oliver Stone's JFK came out, over 80% of the public no longer believed in those lies (this number has come down a bit since, due to aggressive efforts by Network News TV to ridicule "conspiracy theorists").

But 9/11 happened in the age of YouTube, and the Internet, where from day 1, there was public information and evidence to easily disprove the "official story" that was being spun. Yet here we are some 12 years later, and the public remains largely uninformed, without any critical thinking fsacility, and they get even angry and dismissive of just the idea that the Military Dictatorship that we live under (and which constantly takes away our rights) could possibly be lying to us about the events that day. Dick Cheney is to be trusted we are told.

Even "Mr. Politically Incorrect" himself, Bill Maher, a man who embraces criticism of the Establishment, a man who never voted for Bush, angrily ridiculed an audience member, and had his Security kick him to the curb just for expressing a statement that 9/11 should be reinvestigated.

"Truthers" they are all mocked as, as if seeking the truth was a bad thing?

I never thought that in this day and age, something like the Kennedy Assassination could occur unnoticed, and that people would be far more suspicious.

But in just the last few years, we have mulitple criminal events of that magnitude beginning with the fraudulent and ficitional election of George W. Bush (along with the new idea that a standard recount was "a bad thing"), the 9/11 staged attack (with an obvious breakdown of NORAD and the FAA), the fraudulent Wars of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, etc., the Trillion Dollar Bailouts for Wall Street, and the complete acceptance of Human Torture, and perpetual global Warfare.

I think this Country is doomed.

The rich don't care enough to try and change it.
And the poor would be too economically harmed, or physically harmed if they tried.