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Comment: Exactly. Some people only see how the negative

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Exactly. Some people only see how the negative

in today's world will squash the good forever. I'm saddened by those people for they will never create anything new for others.

I've lived my life proving the nay-sayers wrong. I've done it in mechanical, computers, social and even regulatory areas and the entire time prior to finishing, I had to deal with people calling names (like dreamer below) and saying 'this is just how it is'. Fortunately, I never let them stop me and I've been very successful at creating new products and processes.

Like you are doing here, I will spend some amount of time showing people how creativity will always prosper but like below, at some point I find it just not worth my time. Those endless 'what-ifs' simply drain the life out of a conversation.

Returning to the original OP question, what other changes do you see taking place if all this began to take place?