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Comment: So if my kid leaves his skate

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So if my kid leaves his skate

So if my kid leaves his skate board on the sidewalk, and someone sees it...and they try to DEFRAUD me out of my home by PRETENDING to trip on it...

And LLC can be used to do the same thing.

The only personal asset that cannot be touched, under protection of Texas Homestead, is the home. Personal assets, other than the HOME, are not covered. (ok, some material assets are covered to a max of $60,000 for a family, $30,000 individual...)

If a suit is won against a Texas resident, the home is protected. But a lien can be put against the home, and if the home is EVER sold then collection can be made from the proceeds of the sale.

A Texas businessman who visits an attorney about asset protection is going to be told to form an LLC or Corporation, he will NOT be told, "don't worry about it, Homestead Laws will cover you".

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