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My friend, Don't worry so much about Loud Sirens

My parent's house burned to the ground. My brother was found by the front door under what used to be the book case. The house burnt to the ground in the middle of the night. My father thought the dogs were running and barking thru the house because of the noise that woke him up. When he went out the kitchen patio sliding glass door, the handle was so hot it left is hand burned, which had to be treated. My sister who was about 12 at the time slept with her door shut so the fire/smoke did not get into her room. She was standing at the closed window afraid to open it when my dad got to the window. By the time he got her out the house was aglow and pulsing from the heat. He couldn't get my brother who had fallen asleep in the front room...we think, but he could have come from his bedroom, I don't know. My mom was with my grandparents as my grandmother was ill. If the volunteer fire department hadn't of shown up, their business next door would have been burned to the ground. As it was some of it did catch fire.

My parents lost everything including their son. My sister can still hear the sound of his screaming.

My father's brother had committed suicide 6 months earlier. My mother's mom had died 2 months earlier. Then the house and their son and then my dad's mom died 2 weeks later.

My parents were in a state of shock. We all were. Don't worry so much about sirens. Please. My parents didn't have insurance. They had to basically start over after being married 30 years. They ended up filing bankruptcy and my dad lost his business too. 3 years later he was killed in an auto accident.

I appreciate the fire department...whatever system...even though the ambulance people could not save him after his wreck. I was glad someone showed up to give a care. My husband's dad died 5 months after that, alone, and decomposed on his kitchen floor because no one knew to give a care until he didn't answer his phone on Christmas Day.