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Why wouldn't you read it?

It's nothing if not specific principles being identified and then applied to the human psyche to see how they all interact.

And the Bitcoin itself doesn't matter at all. It's just a placeholder for whatever it takes to replace their money with ours. That may be BC in 2013 or it may be Star Trek "credits" in 2200. That wasn't the point. The point was to show non-visionaries how differently things COULD be if we weren't under the tyranny of debt based currencies. Then hopefully, if that one person capable of making it happen suddenly has a light bulb turn on, he/she may clearly see a smooth path to make the transition happen.

I'm fully convinced that just the news that, e.g. "an airplane was built that can fly" is enough to clear the minds of those wanting to build many new plane designs. Prior to hearing it was possible, many of them couldn't even imagine it as possible so they stopped short of envisioning HOW to make it happen. That's what this post was intended for. A purpose no one has caught yet.