Comment: Marker of a new era

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Marker of a new era

I agree, 9/11 with the horrifying image of burning Twin Towers etched into our brains, marks the beginning anew era. I like Justin Raimondo's term: Bizarro World. Our government has always done evil things but TPTB at least paid lip service to our principles and laws. Now they show that they don't care - (the Constitution is just a G*dD* piece of paper done you know). And we will never get an honest investigation as long as the same PTB are running things.

My hope is the alternate media and the fact so many people are beginning to understand that that the Government, opinion establishment (MSM, the educational establishment) and "Too-Big-to-Fail Inc.'s" are in cahoots. Naturally there is a lot of disagreement about solutions at this point. (And there is foundation-funded fake alternate media out there.) Still the work of researchers such as AE9/11, Sibyl Edmund and the folks at Tragedy and Hope blog and DP has been tremendous.