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Comment: Three I know.

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Three I know.

Events that brought about Magna Carte with Trial by Jury based upon sortition.

The period in America between 1776 and 1788.

The Icelandic Commonwealth
a. Ancient
b. Modern

There are also the examples of Ancient Greece, Holland at the time of the American Revolution, and Switzerland.

It can be done, as the people who know better act better, and the power shifts, the legal criminals run into their inevitable law of diminishing returns, a law they must know intimately, as their numbers swell, the numbers of parasites swell, and as their hosts grow fewer, and more costly to maintain, and they reach for their final solutions.

It can be done, it has been done, when the Legal Crime Business Psycho skips a beat, and the people find a way to disconnect, and stay disconnected from it.

It was really tragic at that time when the Central Bankers, Masters and Slaves, took over in 1788, really bad, really evil, so shed it, get rid of it, and force it out of business, and do so competitively, productively, honestly, morally, and with due process due everyone where the only exceptions to the voluntary rules are those who insist upon making their way through life by criminal means; at least take away their badges.