Comment: A relevant video by an ex-cop provides great insight on the

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A relevant video by an ex-cop provides great insight on the

Transportation Laws (of Texas and many other states). I believe this is a pre-requiset to signing the ticket under duress as outlined in this wonderful post.

I feel comfortable combining these two techniques and will do so on my next traffic stop, with window rolled down 2 inches, doors locked, hands on the steering wheel and iPhone positioned using (Qik Video).:
1. Informing the officer that for our mutual benefit this entire interaction is be recorded and uploaded to my attorneys website as we speak. (Actually uploading it to an online server is for your own protection. Chances are good you'll need it as evidence at some point. And it will also make a great, viral YouTube video. There are many services available).
2. That I an not involved in Transportation as defined by the Moter Vehicle Law (The officer has no legal jurisdiction over non commercial. You have just set the bar for any further interaction).
3. If i an under any type of arrest I understand my miranda rights!
4. And as such am exercising my 5 Amendment Rights.
5. My attorney will be handling all related interactions, including presenting any type of information requested by you (Drivers License, Registration & Proof of Insurance) since it can and will be used against me. I will provide you with my name, address and date of birth as required by law).
6. Any receipt is then signed under duress by threat of force by by an armed antagonist. (I have done no wrong.)
7. Send the above notice to the courts. ( Now is a good time to take my attorney to lunch).

Your feedback, thoughts and insights would be greatly appreciated as I am about to refuse to submit on my next traffic stop.

Together I believe we can bet these M_____ F___ers by there own rules. Why? Because they ain't that smart.

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