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Like it or not, if someone

Like it or not, if someone decides they dont want to pay a tax, yet have no choice, it is quite literaly stealing.

In an ideal world, i'd pay a little, maybe randomly, maybe once a month, to the best my financial situation, AS I SEE IT, allows me, maybe i give a little more this time, maybe a little more next time.
If government should do something i wholeheartedly agree with, i can see myself being a big tipper in that time period, and if government should do something i should whole heartedly DISAGREE with, then not only will i be able to speak with my voice, but ill be able to speak with, what seems like the only thing our governments would care about, our money, our wallets.
Its not that i dont care for taxes, its that i dont care for the current methods of "collecting" taxes, on one hand, with voluntary taxes, you gain the right to choose again, and on the other hand you establish a very strong form of accountability, assuming free market is not a casualty of such a drastic mindset change

I know there are ALOT of things that need to be ironed out, like billionairs running the country with massive voluntary taxes, unfortunatly, with my knowledge, ill have to leave that to those who are more cleveree .....(accident, made me laugh, leaving it in :edit)... then me to think up, would love to read that......

Ill leave you with this, before you may think its impossible

Do you think the current tax system as we now it, to this present day......just existed? offcourse, i dont think that is what you think, just wanted to remind you, that these things are impossible, until their not......sorry, even to me that last bit sounds like a no answer, all i can say is, the mind says what the heart thinks......sorry, i just did it again....boy my heart is one cryptic sob :)

go in peace