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1. User fees do not pay for roads as claimed in other comments. The shortfall is covered by property taxes.

2. The terms driving, transporting, vehicle, motor vehicle, etc. all refer to a FOR HIRE activity while using the public highways as a place of business to derive a gain. Not only has SCOTUS (not that I give two cents what their opinion is) declared a state can not convert a right to a privilege SCOTUS (as recently as 2009) has repeatedly upheld traveling the public highway for business in the ordinary course of life by whatever means of the day is a natural and fundamental right.

3. Do you own your car? Do you have all of the original documents bearing live signatures? I would wager someone else is in possession of the original documents with live signatures and you know what they say about possession ... it is 9/10 of the law.

4. A name is a tool. You did not pop out of the womb with a name. A name is just like a shovel or any other tool. If you are using a name as it appears on a government identification you are operating as a citizen performing a function of government subject to all applicable codes, statutes, orders, and decrees. It is not the tool itself that counts but how the tool is used. Was it being used to derive a gain or benefit from Ceasar?

5. What is the state and what does it mean to be subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the state? The state is akin to a club ordained and established by we the people, whichever people that was. You do not have to be a club member to exist but only members are protected. Members must follow rules to maintain good standing. Subject matter jurisdiction is akin to 1) were you a operating as a club member which is a political distinction, and 2) were you operating within the club's defined property boundaries.