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From my study

I believe that Messiah was put in the tomb on Wednesday evening at twilight or sunset if you prefer. He was resurrected at twilight Saturday evening which makes three days and three nights. Then Mary and the others found out and even saw Him but He specifically told them not to touch Him because He had not yet Ascended. He then ascended on Sunday which corresponds to the wave sheaf offering of the first fruits which He is. He had to ascend on Sunday because that is when the Wave Sheaf was offered.

The reason I argue against the Easter reference is because "Easter" is a pagan day and brings up all kinds of worldly images that have nothing to do with Scripture. Our salvation is in His Passover sacrifice and our hope is in His resurrection, neither of which have anything to do with the pagan Easter festival. And because Easter is the accepted festival by most Christians then the truth, meaning and prophecy of His sacrifice is skewed if not lost.

That's the way I see it.