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Notice the police

The cops are just regular guys with minimal gear, maybe a hip holster, baton, etc. They are not loaded to the gills like our American-corporate (anti-drugs) cops with a belt that weighs 40-50 pounds. The cops seem to be a lot like they were on Mayberry, as someone suggested earlier.
Looks like USSR (Russia) and the good 'ol U.S. of A. have been on opposite paths going in opposite directions, we are losing those freedoms we once had, one slice at a time, and Russians have gained alot of freedoms since the break-up.
In Russia and many of the former Soviet Republics you can walk down the street with beer in hand, in America you might get arrested for Public drunkeness, or violating the "open-container" laws.
I am more afraid of American police than I am of Ukrainian cops, I have walked the streets of Ukraine with a cold beer in hand, past a group of policemen; however, I would not even think of doing this in America. They don't call 'em "freedumbs" for nothing.