Comment: I don't want to discuss your

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I don't want to discuss your

I don't want to discuss your conclusions but your methodology.

To predict in any sensible way that Obama was going to win, you would have to take into account that he had already been president for 4 years, thus boosting his numbers.

If you go and like an artist, suppose 'The Rolling Stones' it will show that 'x' friends of yours also like that band. If you go like the same page from a friend's account and suppose it says 'y' friends like the band too. Then if you and your friend have a lot of mutual friends, x and y will have similar values.

The same applies to Ron and Rand Paul. I would guess over 90% of the people would be common in their likes so that skews your statistics which until corrected become meaningless.

If you meant this as a superstitious thread, sorry for wasting your time =D