Comment: “This will be a non-violent event

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“This will be a non-violent event

[REGARDLESS WHETHER] the government chooses to make it violent."

If you are going to do this, under no circumstance, NO CIRCUMSTANCE, are you to use your fire arms or fight back, not for ANY reason. Ingrain that into the heads of anyone willing to march with you that any reaction to any force used against them is not acceptable and not an option. Ensure that they know they are putting their life on the line by accepting to join this peaceful march. Make them swear or affirm they will not retaliate against any force or any instigation used against them. Make them sign peace pledges and contracts. Make them have no doubt in their mind that any use of force by them is unacceptable. If you are arrested you are arrested. If you are assaulted you are assaulted. Any injustices will be recorded, do not take justice or even self defense into your hands. If you are choosing to make a statement with this march, don't let that message be lost by falling into any trap.

In this way if someone in your march does act out you and everyone will know they are not part of your march. They are plants, agent provocateurs and a false flag. It will be screamed from the house tops. Do not use force even if it means your lives. Otherwise you will be set up and you will fail. Be careful. Be wise.