Comment: Okay, so, what's next, shall we know?

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Okay, so, what's next, shall we know?

Okay, so, what's next, shall we know?

How about...

A Walking Outdoors Fairness Act (Tax)... Duh, if you don't take your car, we can't tax you.

An Email Inbox Fairness Act (Tax)... Self explanatory. "Inbox" sounds like "income" anyway. What? Yes, it does, slaves.

A Kinda-Free Speech in Public Places Fairness Act (Tax)

A Born Kid Fairness Act (Tax)... Duh, you had the choice of... You know what I mean. Some pen pushers of dear state got idle because of you. Now we have to rig the govt spendings projection rationale further.

An Insisting On Going To Church on Sunday Tolerance Act (Tax). Nah, can't apply to temples. Only Churches or Mosques.

You know, Mr. Lieberman doesn't want to get assimilated with lower people than himself.


That sounds about right for sequels, no?

Heck, why not, while we're at it.

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