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Comment: just talking about this

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just talking about this

now,,, when u first get car and need new plates,,,, you go and register car and get plates
dmv must do the work of initially registering it,,, enterng info into computer,give you plates,printouts,, etc

so i can see paying for that

but why must you pay a new fee each year,,,, at that point there is no work,,, and no changes

why must we pay every year when any work that is done,,,, which justifies payment is that initial time,,,, each new year nothing changes,,, therefore why do i pay that same amount,,, or full amount,,,at least reduce it to like 10-15 bucks,,, not 75.00 per year

i see your point ,,, but see we're screwed to pay something,,,,, so i see questioning the fee each additional year as a battle to fight,,,, although both are losing propositions

many don't even question it,,,,, we've been brainwashed to just pay up and move along