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Zak, I love you brother,

But like I said, as long as y'all know who's involved.

Some of us are aware who the behind the scenes players are: it is a Pajama Media operation. You know it, I know it. That much is clear.

And, one of your 'libertarian' stars, Larry Elders? Not libertarian: you know it, and I know it.

As much as I'm cool w/Austin Petersen, Judge Napolitano's former Freedom Watch producer and formerly (or still presently) of Freedom Works, and oft contributor to RT America's resident liberal douche and MSDNC wannabe, Thom Hartmann (though, whenever Austin does come on his show, it does make for great short debate segments; Austin is good at riling him up), is, as many R3VOL are concerned, 'with' the Jack Hunters of the world, post-Randpocalypse.

Some of us simply don't appreciate anyone who tried to 'engineer' a purge, especially among individualists; it's an abomination for a supposed libertarian or at least for those whom publicly professed to be libertarian-leaning, to dictate what range of opinions one should hold or express, or are palatable for political discourse, especially when those whom he tried to 'purge' are the good ones who are all against the corporatists and the warmachine/empire, and all practice the Golden Rule/NAA/NAP and hold the Doc's insanely high standard of principled integrity in very very high esteem: Milquetoasts, need not apply.

Worse, Austin and Jack Hunter both pulled the "If you say so and so, you MAKE US LOOK BAD!"-card, one too many times.

Seriously, um, like collectivist much?

Look, it's not as if even the 9/11Truth activists among us don't know 'where/when' it is 'politically appropriate'/feasible, etc. to discuss, to push/not push these issues.

The R3VOLution was and is, what it was and is, because we all somehow independently 'knew' to know what to do, without being told; we made a conscious decision to solely, specifically promote only those public issues that Dr. Paul publicly stood for, during the RP2008 and RP2012 campaign.

But apparently, Hunter and Petersen didn't get the Memo that some opinions were voluntarily tempered, by us, all on our own; we don't appreciate being told what NOT to think, or discuss, publicly.

So, as you can see, how obnoxious it was/is for Hunter and Petersen to come around and try to PURGE some of us, to 'clean the slate' for Rand2016.

And, no. We haven't forgotten.

Poor judgment.

Frankly, had Rand not endorsed Mutt, even if he still planned to, but not until much later, he literally could've still retained about 40~60% of r3VOL.

Obviously, it would not be the same level of fervency as his father garnered, but at least it would've still been a better foundation to grow, than to ditch the 'RP Fringe' and moronically try to grow the neoCon Hannity and Beck's base to go our direction.

True, for those who still see the political process as a viable option, they may most likely support Rand in 2016, without hesitation.

But, I'm sure I don't need to tell you this: the difference between being INSPIRED to WANT to do something for someone is wholly different energy than 'reluctantly settling' to do something for someone.

While Rand doesn't fall entirely into the 'lesser of two evils' because he IS Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul's son, after all, and our Gray Champ didn't raise no fool, but to many of us, he's just a few notches above the 'lesser of two evils,' though much less so since his epic filibuster.

But, the likes of Hunter & Petersen?

At least among the grassroots, they de facto helped accelerate the dissolution of trust between disparate liberty factions, thereby trashed any good will left remaining for a coalition to stay together and/or grow; it was poor timing and too much of 'she doth protests too much.'

Frankly it made it all the worse, because Austin & Jack are essentially two PR people, who exhibited utter lack of public relations tact or skills to speak of, when it was needed the most.

To anyone paying attention, that kind of shiite memory simply don't fade away with slick media revamping.

So we are where we are.

Thus, as you may sense, some actually know what these characters did. We don't exactly have short memory, my friend.

Nevertheless, I commend ANYONE pursuing what they feel is right, and will always be better than nothing, if even 10% of your audience respond to seeds laid.

Like I said, my simple point is, as long as y'all are aware.

If you have no problem with it, no bigs.

But, at the same time, please don't insult r3VOL by referring to it as a new liberty media (alluding that it's 'libertarian-leaning' in r3VOL-parlance), when it's just an outgrowth/re-branding of the traditionally neoCon Pajama Media, and are promoting Larry Elders as 'libertarian.'

You've been here. So you should know that among some r3VOL, we all know who these players are.

I have no problem if this new venture by Pajama Media truly goes MUCH more in the liberty direction than Hot Air or TownHall, but you'll never be able to convince the hardcore among us that Larry Elders represents libertarianism.

And, you're actually surprised that some of us would NEVER consider someone like Elders a "libertarian?" It's like do you believe Glenn Beck when he says he's libertarian, just because he says so, considering this is the same douche who stated publicly on the record that 'Ron Paul supporters are domestic terrorists who should be locked up in GitMo'??

You don't get to pull rhetorical alchemical cape over on us. 'Tis all.

Besides, Zak, have you not seen people here debate ad infinitum over minarchism vs. anarcho-capitalism, Mises/Rothbard vs. CATO/Reason 'faketarians'? LOL.

Come on brother, you know the score xD

Since texts can never communicate properly as body language and facial expression or intonation and enunciation, so I must state this first: without ANY sarcasm, I truly, truly, wish you and your colleagues the very best on your venture.

Anything to promote liberty is a step in the right direction. But, of course, you have to know that some among us will always be a skeptical rabble-rousing ruffian bunch.oD

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul