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BUMP. Shall I contribute something


Shall I contribute something on Stephane's point re: the conflict of interest between govt and objective education?

I am French. Born there, the land of stinky cheese eaters.

In 14 years of mandatory public system education, I never heard once from the system about Frederic Bastiat. I discovered at random he ever existed and what he wrote, not before my mid 20s and as I had already started working for a living. Around 1996, I think. Thank you, WWW, btw.

Oh, but I had SURE heard about Danton, Robespierre, Marx, Hegel, Proudhon, et al. At lengths, by age 17 ! You know... the great defenders of the poor labor against "the riches", the capital, etc. Or how evil Hitler harassed and killed the good communists, etc.

Was I just unlucky to be in the system in the mid 70s to late 80s under TWO socialist governments in a row? Did I space out if Bastiat was mentioned? Funny, I have the feeling his writings would have caught my attention, compared to the rest, back then...

Or... Q.E.D. ?

Ah. Don't we love paying taxes for our kids to be brainwashed and lied to for decades, by the millions?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I still need to update my own 4 years younger brother on Bastiat, btw. (but he would hate politics, true) I keep forgetting, although he now knows about Ron Paul, at least, over there.

Mark my words: give yourself 2 or 3 more ObaMARX like tyrants, America, and you can already strike out the names of Jefferson or Thoreau from your official "knowledge" (read: govt-authorized books and websites).

Mark these words and pray and fight for they never become true.

Meanwhile, to anyone who'd want to bring an American socialist to MY FACE: please think twice.

For you can count on me... he/she'll be SERVED. Better not be someone you like.



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