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Congress following a text, even imperfect?

Congress following a text, even imperfect?

Not even close:

see the section 10 on the only 2 forms of legal tender.

Congress could repeal the Federal Reserve Act tomorrow if they wanted to. But they don't. Either because they don't even know what sound money is, or they do and it's of no interest for their current ways to get perks and be reelected.

See the "contract" which vanished progressively from the very printed IOUs, eventually:

The ink doesn't have legs to run away by itself.

Elected men allowed that to happen. The blurb printed to be changed. Several times, in the same century. Looks like a carefully inconspicuous way to proceed, slowly but surely. Doesn't it?

In all honesty, I think we can't blame Congress alone or the imperfect text alone. I agree with Ron Paul that the people bears some responsibility, too.

1) We can only hope to get what we really pay for. Like the forefathers did.

2) We always lose what we neglect for too long. Like what Wilson, Nixon, and others managed to get away with.

My understanding anyway.

I see 2) applies equally to general principles and texts, laws, elected men, and those who elect the latter.

And it certainly isn't just a phenomenon in the U.S.

It's just it is happening the most spectacularly in what once was the freest and most prosperous country.

The scale effect.

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