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Not a good idea

I'm bothered by the emotional appeal Adam is making, and also by his anti-government rhetoric. Not just anti-our current government rhetoric, but the anti-all government rhetoric. To pull off a march like this, there has to be massive public support. I think there is arguably enough support out there from people who want to protect our 2A rights to consider doing a march like this. I don't, however, think there are many people out there willing to scrap government entirely. If I thought this march was a good idea, I would say keep it to the concept of protecting 2A rights.

As far as the emotional side of this, I'm bothered by Adam insinuating that those who have legitimate concerns about the event being co-opted and false flagged are cowards who don't want to do anything. We are just coming off Sandy Hook and Boston, which have stoked public opinion against gun ownership. If anything goes wrong with this march, this will seal the deal for govt. to start grabbing guns and have the public chant "USA, USA" as they do it.

There have been lots of marches on DC for lots of things, and the press spins them or underreports or doesn't report about them at all. How effective would a march on DC really be to sway public opinion, when the press is far from libertarian?

Something *does* need to be done to counteract the vilification of gun owners. I just don't think this is it, and it has the potential for go very wrong instead.

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