Comment: Ah, but it comes down to two choices

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Ah, but it comes down to two choices

We all know how congress works. If they get enough puppets in there, they can rule the process. This leaves us but one thing to do and two ways to accomplish it.

Looking at 'how' they get their minions elected, we need look no further than money. Money buys complicity from the media, from industries, from lobbyists and ultimately from legislators. Method one is to stop this process. We either have to get it outlawed (near impossible without controlling the process in the first place) or we have to take the money away from those that would use it badly. I vote for the latter, even though it takes longer because it actually helps us level out the equality issue along the way.

The other option is to gather enough popular awareness to fight back the media machine and campaign rhetoric allowing us to get real, liberty minded people elected. For this, we need a resource for people to be able to trust as finding the truth in both fact and popular opinion. Without such a resource to go to, the public will never know how much propaganda they are being fed.

So, in short, we keep moving more local to starve the banks and multi-nationals and we coordinate the multitudes of truth snippets out there into a trusted info resource. Piece of cake. I'm going on break for a few minutes; I'll check on the progress when I get back. lol