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January forth

New food laws came into effect on home food production.

Being LDS is a non-profy, depending on their local laws, for example where I live, all non-profits have 12 times they can vend foods for fundraising.

The thirteenth time in a year, you must have a certified kitchen, and this included THE HOME.. the certification isn't expensive.. it's the labeling.. here,, ONE lable cost about $700.00, and any additional lable $25 - $75. The puts many home cooks out of business, and definately not worth it.

I took a class on this last month offered by the local EPA, class cost me $25.00. I was thinking about it.. but have decided for myself, it's atually cheaper to just go all out, get a professional operators license and rent a commercial kitchen space.

I want to add.. IF you can find a commecial space to rent.. you still have to come up with labeling costs.. you just don't have to turn your home into a federal approved kitchen.