Comment: the rloveution won't be mentioned

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the rloveution won't be mentioned

... on the lying dying worn-out old whore media such as anything owned by Hearst. or the New York communist Times or Washington CIA Post .or the Pentagon tv News or anything whatsoever from the State disinformation Department ...

The cause of liberty is growing and the time has come to put liar media down. Stop watching them stop listening to them and publicly mock them at every opportunity :)

{ Monty Python voice: ... with malice aforethought }

One fun way to do this : stand up at the local breakfast spot and exclaim "LIARS" then tear the local whore-media rag into shreds :)

this paper sucks ass :
it is pro-socialist pro-globalist and anti-freedom. These scum gave Ron Paul very limited coverage until it mattered ... then came the subtle knives-in-the-back. Boycott all Swift Media

blow ... back ... byatch .