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Not likely

I nominate myself,too. I graduated SIU with a a bachelor of arts in biological sciences, with honors. I am a graduate school educated, retired, past, board certified (MD) general surgeon, certified and Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management,computer geek, jack of all trades, musician, mechanic, gardener, hunter! I am also a practicing Christian who follows the only two commandments given to me in the New Testament of my Bible. "Love God with all my heart" and "love my neighbor as myself"! I also believe prohibitions of man do not work, as witnessed by the fact that the very first, in the Garden of Eden, did not work! Neither did alcohol prohibition (which is not Biblical!)

I have had seventeen years of post high school education. Problem is, I am not an establishment person. So, I would be considered to not be a "team player", since I have been a Ron Paul supporter for about twenty years! As such, I am not an establishment candidate.But, we know who is most likely the person that will be picked to replace this position. The Republican party machine, well known in Chicago, for the Democrats, I feel, is just as strong in this state!

But, HOORAY! He got the message!!