Comment: Dear Austin, Texas,

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Dear Austin, Texas,

Dear Austin, Texas,

This may come late, but here's how you can denounce this filth, infamy, without protesting:

Open a dictionary, people. Lookup the verb protest, and the noun.

It's about declaration and statement.

So, make signs. Many signs. Big signs.

And turn everything into QUESTIONS.

Question marks exclusively, no ending periods.

Be harsh. Very harsh.

But no profanity.

Use sarcasm, preferably. Tons of it.


Denounce by QUESTIONS.

Denounce these POS.

INTERROGATIVE grammatical forms exclusively.

Do not make a single statement or complaints in affirmative form.

Questions only.

If asked what you're doing by LE, reply by a question:

Am I protesting? Am I not, instead, only asking questions? Isn't "protest" in your dictionary? Can't a judge use a dictionary, too, to decide about what I'm doing?


Next, they will have to write something up to forbid people asking questions.

They will have to forbid peaceful assembly, too.

They can try, right?

My 0.0000001

For liberty.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius