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Each case has its own context to it

Why is it that Syria has broken into extremist violence and not Bahrain? I do believe that it is the "Islamist Spring," using Islamism in the sense that the MSM coins it. I personally find that insulting however, considering that as a Muslim, I must therefore be an Islamist, so it kind of rattles me in the sense that it puts us all into the same category. The consequences of blowback are letting fascists take power under the guise of being unified under the banner of Islam and it surely is a goddamn disgrace! Ignorance and apathy prevailed in the middle east, and when promised "freedom, security, and peace" everyone silently consented to the terrorists' train of abused hurled upon them. It almost seems perfectly described by V's speech n V fo Vendetta when he took the TV station over.

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

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