Comment: Seriously. Don't get me wrong:

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Seriously. Don't get me wrong:

Seriously. Don't get me wrong:

I like Adam very much. Or I appreciate very much all his efforts to speak out your/our rights. And just like AJ, I could not care less about his flaws. We all have ours. But he cares. And AJ cares.

However, on this one, I find this hazardous. It's not just about the gov't. We ought to think also of all the potential mobs, liberal idiots who may find a great opportunity to provoke trouble.

Personally, I wish we could show up en masse and very loud exercising something even more powerful:

the first Amendment.

I wish we could be hundreds of thousands overwhelming the traffic, the cops, and shoppers by our mere SPEAKING OUT about what's going on.

The power of our word for liberty could punch the statists even harder than showing off metal as we're not afraid to exercise our 2nd A. rights, rightfully.

We could do, I think, more damage against the lie and the plunder by focusing on using our 1st, biggest weapon, before showing off our 2nd.

Just IMO.


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