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My experience

I am blessed to live in a community, where I like the Cheif of police and sheriff very much. I like who they hire, I approve of the job they do, respect them as fair, even though, we have situations here than I don't agree with them, I can seperate my issue from them. Mistakes happen.. protocol shapes situations that doesn't alwasys work with the community, IMO, but in general, I am very blessed and appreciative to have every one of the people who work on the police, sheriff and first responders.

Our Sheriff, Tom Allman is an oathkeeper. Matter of fact, the surrounding counties sheriffs are as well, and so are many of the officers they hired. They are active, show up and participate in tes party and oath keeper events.

What I see is the more mature belong to this group..

It appears they do not evangelize oathkeepers within, but stand by example, so for this, again, I feel blessed because good leadership influences the younger to think for themselves and take personal responsibility, rather than mentoring on a personal level, which starts corruption.