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Leader of the NoI

It is difficult to lesten to LF because he is so long winded.. 3 hour long speaches, but he makes very good and valid points, if you can get past the hate and cultural barriers. LF works hard to recruit in the prison system, and because there is so much injustice, especially when it comes to war on drugs, victimless crimes so to speak, which the American Black population has been subjected and oppressed by, Christinty has failed to serve those in prison.. as the government in one way or another attacks Christians, Catholic Church has a huge shortage of preists because of government policies that chose to replace what non-profit religious did gratis for people/community.. the government wants to do that instead..

So because the injustice system had so many Black Americans not being served spiritually, the communion was natural between inmates, and how NOI advanced inside and outside prison in the USA.

Since 911.. Americasn have woken up to the Mid East, Islam, and entered a whole new world.. many finding communion.. many are young people, seeking foundation to build a life.

When I was young, I joined many religions, never Islam, despite Cat Steven's conversion.. I went Hindu, until they arranged a marriage for me. I discovered that I was too westernized to actually be Hindu. And some may find that about Islan or not, because it seems, many don't KNOW.. and don't FEEL a need.. just as Catholic Church is global and no Catholic can KNOW, or even feel a need to know everuything about the Catholic Church.. being in communion with community os good enough.

I respect that.

I have met Muslim's throughout the decades and learned a little about holidays and food (always starts there for me), but I have never been to a Mosque, while I enjoy being with women.. Hindus also segregate men and women, and I'm too westernized. So if Allah has as issue.. I'm sorry.. I LOVE God.. LOVE my Catholic Church, nno matter what the MSM says.. and I respect those who feel that way about their religion.. and why I ask you..

I don't expect MSM to be telling the whole truth, or you, but I'm curious.. could be you never even gave the Syrian issue much thought.

I don't see the rebeals as part of the UN.. I see Assad as part of the UN and why so much postering from the world nations about the situation.. Yes, the UN wants to destroy sovreign nations.. that it why a small cult of Shia would win an election with 97%, living in a state of 80% sunni, 10% Isaeli.. and many Syrians appreciate Israel.. that goes for palestine too.. they LOVE the technology and freedom. The Shia do not.. so to me, the UN needs to UPSET people, and they do it by giving us presidents like Obama and Assad..

And as I'm watching all this,, and making comparisons, looking at the propeganda.. the terms used.. and so many false flags.. what the war torn areas and people look like.. when I place this "map" over America.. I am concerned.. because there is so much confusion, mis-dis-information, HATE, spite, vengence, FEAR, the USA and Israel both under constant attack so Americans hate both..

I hate what it happening, I don't understand what it happening enough to HATE ISA, Israel, Syria, Islam.. I am not happy with the UN on many levels.. they meddle and make more damage than good.

Israel just attacked a shipment of rockets from Iran to the Syrian Government. The Syian Government has killed 70K (mostly Sunni Muslims) and displaced over 1 million people, (nearly 600K people living in Syia were refuges from Palestine and almost half a million from Iran, both escaping the regimes because they do not tolerate Israel-American sympathizers, appeasers, supporters.

The rebels have terminated 9K Syrian troops.

I think the whole chemical weapns is a red herring by the UN to continue to meddle.

To me, the people being removed are no differnt than Ron Paul supporters who wave signs for FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and this concerns me, because I think MSM YouTube "conspiracy theory created to control people" would be the targets here in the USA.

For decades, the Israelis have cried "The world hates us".. now, I see Islam associates, such a LF say the same thing.

I find it interesting adn why I ask you about it.