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This is a very interesting discussion!

I'm glad to be able to share it with you... another great attribute of this brilliant site!

Anyways, it's very interesting to note your perspective on religion, and I never knew that Hindus keep females segregated from men. It's an Islamic practice during prayers and sermons to keep women from being viewed by unsavory men with wandering eyes. Lol

As for the issue on Syria, I don't know all the facts. Syria's rebels indeed are not part of the UN, but they are virtually represented through the Arab League and frequently call for action from the UN through various methods ranging from sanctions to all out intervention. Assad has been rejected and insulted by the UN as a barbaric, tyrannical ruler. Only Russia is, relatively speaking, objective in its treatment even though they too are standing for the opposition more and more so everyday. Meanwhile the Assad Government is oppressive and rigs elections, yes, and that is how the Alawite Shia minority took control over the majority Sunni population. But they are secular Ba'athists not ruling by Sharia Law. They shunned Arab nationalism decades ago, so their only natural allies just happened to be the Shia, "Sharia Law" governed Iran, which is a common cause of misconceptions.

To clarify, I am not supportive of any sides and hold a moderate view on the issue whereby I believe the Syrian Government is oppressive and the Syrians have a natural right to revolution that is fully justified at this point, but, rebels are being manipulated an brainwashed with hatred, and are being pawns for power hungry fascists just like throughout the world: The "Islamist Spring" continues forth!

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links: