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Liberty is Universal!

I personally would like to mention that an important piece of historical literature is the scholastic dialogues of Avicena, Duns Scotus, Averroes, Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventure... etc... TPTB do not promote these amazing dialogues of Faith and Reason within our schools.

Scholasticism found a way to bridge the divide of faith, through the philosophical language of Aristotle. TPTB have really worked hard at discrediting these dialogues by referring to them as the literature of "the Dark Ages."

On the contrary, These Scholastic Men were very enlightened and furthered the dialogue between Muslims, Christians, and Jews (for that matter all other faiths).

It is very important to understand our Scholastic roots in Austrian Economics as well. Look up Instituto Juan De Mariana in Spain; which is an Austrian Economics Think Tank highly influenced by the Scholastic Tradition of Dominican Monks.

Our Libertarian Heritage is also highly influenced by the Scholastic Fathers, for they championed human individual reason in their attempt to figure out Man's relation to God.


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