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Comment: double standard

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double standard

"as long as it isn't being pushed as the correct way for everyone to worship, or telling anyone without any particular faith that they must believe what you believe or be doomed."

This is an example of people pushing their morality or belief system upon someone else. They think it's wrong for people to say that their religion is true in an objective sense(i.e. saying a theological system, which describes what happens to non-adherents of said theological system, is true and would apply to everyone), yet the people you describe apply their beliefs and system of morality to everyone in the same way. They object to people promoting beliefs which pertain to them, yet they promote beliefs pertaining to the other. It's a double standard with a pretended neutrality. I'm not saying you are doing this, because you seemed to reference "Most people here" rather than yourself. I'm not sure that most people here are like that, but there are a number.