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Now come on Cleburne, You

Now come on Cleburne, You know that the reason why the metals have these steep sell-offs is because of Elliot wave theory. You know it is because Prechter is the god of economics and every thing he says is the truth and fact! DEFLATION! There is no way that the metals are manipulated. This is just a fake story with no backing behind it at all... 18.00 Silver was a blow off top and I'm gonna buy all the silver I want at 2.00 an ounce! There is no such thing as economic law of supply and demand. No way that since the metals were kept so low by Prechters truth that there was not 10 billion ounces of silver consumed over the past 40 years with prices so low that miners could not open up new mines. Come on Cleburne I expected so much more from you. much much much lower... lmao.