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That, sounds great;

if and when, they're securely contracted, and on board; shall support you.

Despite the fluid nature of these type of ventures and media personality contract negotiations, at this point, it's still a letter of intent, no?

And, like I keep stressing: I wish you the sincerest of success on your venture; it is a gazillion times better to pursue a commercial platform that may open up the prospect of spreading good ideas, to thousands to millions more, than simply chatting back and forth to the DP choir.

That said, almost everyone in the trailer that you guys have made public so far, ARE Pajama Media personalities & crew & those who share their political views: the first opening shot, effects/filter/lighting immediately screams 'OMG, these are Pajama Media production guys!' to anyone familiar with their work, and the medium.

If wrong, please, simply correct me.

Not to mention, as you know, the Reason/CATO-KOCHtopus set, while some of us occasionally watch/tolerate, many of us don't, on principle, 'support'-support them.

Zak, I respect ya. So, we can go back and forth, but it still doesn't change the fact that Austin Petersen is seen as who he is, among some r3VOL, and JAGtv IS still a Pajama Media company's property, is it not??

If not, would you tell us, who 'owns' it, and/or are financing it?

As I keep stressing, I'm NOT AGAINST your current venture.

Nor, do I have any reason to 'start a campaign against it'; all I cited were obvious facts for 'caveat emptor,' for those who may not be too familiar with the involved players' background history. 'Tis all.

Like I said, even if you guys sew 'liberty seeds' that 'grow by surprise' even in 10% of the not-typically-libertarian to libertarian-leaning-audience, it'd be a 100% success: frankly, that's all I expected and hoped for with the Judge's now defunct show'Freedom Watch,' as well, which despite being a Murder-doch's property, many of us supported, for that very same 'educational exposure'-factor alone.

Zak, if you can definitively answer that NO Pajama Media production team (non-senior level production crew, other than editors, typically have zero editorial control and it's a small biz, relatively, so one shouldn't really hold it against anyone who worked at company x,y,z for such history, alone), post-production, financing, senior editors, directors, producers, executive producers, et al are used, that will satisfy many more.

But frankly, it's irrelevant what I think of your venture; people who know all the background info I cited in this and the last two replies, will most likely remain skeptical, until they know for certain, that there are no Pajama Media editorial controls involved.

Be that as it may, and I stress, I DO NOT say this with any sarcasm or snarkiness: I sincerely wish you the greatest of luck, and all the success in the world, and hopefully, you guys truly accomplish your mission statement.

Peace and Love.

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Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul