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Comment: You obviously are too

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You obviously are too

lucid and logical for this gang of delusional semi-Neocons who now have taken over the DP. I can't believe it. The last election was STOLEN, Ron probably threatened, ballots ignored and discarded, voting machines (!just the idea of computerized voting machines is mind bogglingly ridiculous, why not just hand over blank ballots?), delegates beaten and kidnapped. And STILL people (probably plants) are plotting how they are "taking over" the GOP with (LOL!!) with turncoat Neocon RAND and are "going to win in 2016". WTH??? What planet are these people on? The GOP is DONE. They will never win another election, they have demonstrated they will only run RINOS selected and approved by the leftist, zionist media and openly exists only to provide the illusion of opposition for the collectivist ruling class that afflicts us.