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Proud Libertarian Muslim

Peace and Love! I am both PROUD and GLAD that you are member of this community :-)

I hope that I did not come off the wrong way with that video. I am just over 1 year new to this movement and have a lot to learn. When I listened to that particular video by Publius, I had mixed emotion, she is scholar where I am not, and welcome any objectivity.

As for Muslim or any other religion, that is where my weakness is, I have a very difficult time as it is following my own religion. Please know without a doubt that I am not racist or otherwise, I see people for who they are, as individuals.

I have always enjoyed reading your posts, and count on reading more, my very good friend in Liberty :-)

If more people 'came out' just as you have, this world would REALLY rock with Liberty!!

:-) :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul