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You said "the only problem is

You said "the only problem is keeping out of the hands of children".

Well I don't see that as a problem at all! I couldn't care less if every child in America had easy access to a 3D printer to print whatever they wanted. Some kid printing out 500 of these guns doesn't infringe on anyones life, LIBERTY, or property one bit, so who cares!

Like I said before there's virtually an unlimited way for someone to hurt another if they want to, so do you keep your kids locked in a padded room all day and night so they don't hurt themselves or get hurt by another? You are a concerned parent right? What do you think should be done about automobiles, sports, falls, medications, diets, and all the many many things out there that hurt kids more than plastic guns? Should the force of Gov't be used keep all these unsafe things away from kids?