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Your experience

As an American Catholic, I find myself in Mass with people who come from all over the world, many languages, and customs.. matter of fact, so many places have Roman Catholic names, San Diego, San Fran, Sacramento.. Our lady of Quadalupe is Queen of the Americans, where Lady of Lourdes or Fatima.. our saints.. all these carry very profound meanings and stories, so it's an amazing adventure unfolds between us in the communion.

I don't know much about American Musloms, as most I've met have been from other nations, or American Black men.. not women. All the women I have met but a few in class that we didn't talk too much about religion.. as I said, food and holidays.. Most everything I know is basically MSM, YouTube, Farakhan (an American Muslim who gets little respect in the USA or outside the USA, though he has a nation that seems very devote.). but I don't know,, and that is what I'm saying by asking you questions. If you were offended, I apologise.

My sur name came to the USA on a slave ship in 1607 from the Slave Coast in Africa as an indentured slave, when he was 2 years old. He was white, and his master came to love him very much, made a plaque for him expressing that when he freed him at age 35. Freed him to starve. Black slaves became more valuable than white slaves, so white slaves were sent to do work that gave little hope to a long or comfortable life. On my Mothers side, her grandfather came to America, he disembarked, was forced to sign papers to join the military and was deployed to fight in the civil war..

Maybe because I grew up in the military, rank is what matters not race or religion, so I always had black friends growing up.. in one school I went to, someone said, "One of the problems America has is that every Black person in America knows a Muslim, and most likely has a family member who's Muslim, but white people don't know any Muslims." I think this is true especially after 911, which ended a lot of turban wearing at gas stations.

However, I would not like for you to share anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, so please accept my apology if I have offended you.

Peace be with you.