Comment: Do you have kids?

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Do you have kids?

Is it wise to give a child access to a gun on their own, whenever they want, even if you are not around, while he or she is still learning about how dangerous they can be to operate?

I asked if you had kids because I would like to have access to your teaching techniques, where you manage (presumably) to get them to follow every instruction you give them. I would love that.

One more question if you don't mind.. lets forget about guns for a moment and mention the Internet.

Are you OK with giving unrestricted access to a 6 year old child of yours to use the Internet? Do you think that child will have a positive Internet experience if he or she happens to land on a pornographic website, or a website dedicated to morbid photos for example?

Freedom is not given, it must first be understood and only then will it be earned in my opinion. Trust needs to be earned and until it is earned, parents need to realize that they need to keep both eyes wide open.


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