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"However, I do like to be called a truther because, very soon, it will universally imply that those who aren't "truthers" are liars."

Except that would present a whole new set of problems down the line. Why reduce an opponent to a label? Isn't that a big part of why so many dislike the MSM and the Republicrats who watch it?

I never understood why people claim to be a truther or a conspiracy theorist or a Republican or whatever else, because it just makes it that much more difficult to converse or debate with those who shun such labels (and anything/one attached to them).

So many people seem to build up this sort of mental wall when they hear certain labels and slogans, and trying to move past that is often extremely difficult, if outright impossible (in my experience, anyway). So my thinking is; why not just skip that stage by skipping the labels?

Then again, labels *can* be useful to an extent, but that extent, much like labels themselves are subjective and dammit I'm rambling again.

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