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Not all of them..

I said "a lot of Mormons" don't embrace open dialog, not all Mormons; they are people like any of us, but some kind of Mormon culture affects some more than others. There are surely some open to dialog otherwise there wouldn't be so many ex-Mormons resulting from people open to questioning their faith, and there are some who are open and hold to their beliefs as well. But even Mormon missionaries are selective in where they spend their time. I don't know how many times friends and I have stumped some and then they never came back. If they get stumped, they think it's no longer a "positive, productive conversation". If they feel they are making progress in converting someone, then they like to talk, but when they aren't doing so well, or the more taboo portions of Mormon history are discussed, they tend to get dodgy. I know some Mormons who will talk about almost anything but their religious beliefs. I'd like to see the Mormon Prophet officially representing the Mormon church engage in public moderated debate with Christian theologians and apologists.