Comment: People are just people

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People are just people

Whether you consider it a true religion or not.....whatever, it certainly is not for me to say. It's not my business what other people believe.

It's the quality of their character that you should be concerned with.

A Mormon boy in Nazi Germany was a bit of a truth seeker and info-warrior of his day. His name was Helmuth Hübener. He was a Mormon and as all German children he was required to be in the Hitler Youth. But as a teenager he was seeking truth when he started listening to enemy broadcasts which was considered a treasonous act. Later, he would covertly use a typewriter (which the use of was restricted) to type up information pamphlets of the alternative information that he was getting off of the radio. He and two of his friends would leave these flyers around town where people might see them. Eventually they were caught. Helmuth at 17 years old was found gulity of high treason and was beheaded by guillotine in October of 1942.

This boy was a hero regardless of whether or not he has the same religion as you. So don't go judging people on religion. That's between them and God. See people for their character. We need each other you know.