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"Speciation is the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise"

"Macroevolution is evolution on a scale of separated gene pools. Macroevolutionary studies focus on change that occurs at or above the level of species,"

I emphasize the term 'above', because speciation and macro-evolution are not the same thing. Speciation happens without macro-evolution with for example, mules, and ligers. The criteria for defining a species is debated, as it's not a perfect classification system. The man-made classification system of 'species' does not correspond to what creationists would consider biblical 'kinds' of animals, though there might be some overlap where a distinction in 'kinds' and 'species' might meet. The existence of a new species like a mule, liger, or slightly more resistant bacterium does not justify the idea that something like a horse, tiger, or bacterium could produce a completely different kind of animal like a whale.