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I've had serious reservations about the current trendy "Dark Energy / Dark Matter" paradigm of the universe for a long time now.

Something is off about that. Among other things, the whole thing parallels the idea that macroeconomics behaves totally differently than microeconomics (Keynesian) - while common sense Austrian shows that it doesn't.

In the same way, they looked at the behavior of gravity at a local, planetary / solar system level - then looked at the behavior of gravity at a galactic level and saw some differences they couldn't account for.

So they postulated mysterious invisible forms of matter and energy - invisible matter and energy that far outweigh anything we can actually measure and see - to kludge together a way to justify their paradigms and protect their careers and intellectual egos.

Human nature makes science cliquey, herd-like, hero-worshiping, status seeking, grant-seeking behavior has always made higher levels of academic science suspect.

No doubt they will kick and scream and fight him on this.

I'll be following this. Subscribed to their list.