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Comment: Obviously you are Sold

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Obviously you are Sold

And obviously the more people you Sell, the more the value of your investment goes up.

That's cool.

The problem with Bitcoin is that many things that the Converted are preaching is factually not true.

They can be tracked, for one. The developer of Bitcoin has said so himself. Apparently there are plenty of people that don't want to hear this.

It's inherently unstable, because no matter what subtle rationales the Converted come up with to give it inherent value: It has none. It's abstract. It's math. It's virtual.

And when the plug is pulled and/or the system goes down for any reason (of which there are potentially many) ..

At that point Bitcoins will be merely a memory and a fantasy.

Gold, silver and palladium are Shiny, Solid, and Rare. Always will be.


But do as you want. Keep up the good fight.