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Time is nigh & so "blatant" they have 2B as their plans entropy;

kinda puts the whole Kokesh's 'armed march on DC'-thing, a wee bit more ominous, eh?

"God forbid we wake up and fight back like we should when a foreign entity makes war on us..."

indeed, foreign coporatist entities have LONG hijacked America, and we are living under a de jure occupied territory. the 'right' time??

In principle, too support Kokesh's March, but not necessarily the action itself or the timing, not to mention the Mordor on the Potomac that is the District of Criminals's statist actors predictable tyrannical response is the real issue; those loons would do everything to sabotage it, somehow.

So, AK's 'armed march' if it could ever be characterized, perhaps can be called: "Right Time, WRONG Timing."

But unless there was a way to ensure ZERO false flagging or entrapment by statist actors, it's such a predictably loaded event...

I hope to God, it goes as PEACEFUL as possible.

I truly wish we had visibly enough critical mass of Americans who'd altogether, all at once, simply not comply and 'lovingly' tell off the statist frakkers: "No Thank You. We don't feel like complying with your idiocy, today, or anymore."

Then, like 'magic' it could all be stopped: sick paradox, how simple, yet how ridiculously difficult it simply wait on about 100 Million Americans going "Hundredth Monkey Syndrome"???

C'est la vie. It seems this is the epoch that the creator/cosmos dealt us.


You wanna know the sickest part?

While in my most loftiest of optimistic wishful thinking, I hope (that silly and beautiful human sentiment) that we already have over 30% of a critical mass of awakened citizenry. Then again, I see a small sample of our supposedly 'educated' youth, the likes of which Dice has been 'Jaywalking'... I wonder, I mean I truly wonder, even IF 30 MILLION Americans all knew about the 1933 National Emergencies Act, whether they'd be compelled to do something, even if it is quiet non-compliance, to a wholly different way of looking at the world, along with forever dismissing the 'brand' govt as the assaulters, kidnappers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and murderers that they are, and have always been.

But alas, a tiny tiny sample of Commufornia it may be, but still, observing Watertown, MA's response to police state rollout, it's hard not to imagine the worst about the mass Idiocracy afoot, in America:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul