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no conspiracy

just another entitled childhood star who's no longer on top and struggling to come to that reality

as a kid you have a screwed up life,,,, not a normal childhood,,,,, surrounded y adults and the weirdnesss of cult that is Hollywood

you become an adult,,,, you fall of the radar and a-list,,,, you can't handle it,,,, your no longer having your ass kissed 24/7,,,, you find your not so important and that is a bitter pill to swallow and she starts sliding down the hill of real life and washed up star that will do anything for press or to get back in and it backfires and your alienated more and on and on

I think that is a better explanation than some mind control

I think mind control is a far better story to read and ponder

but life is more simple and people are all crazy in their own way,,, especially actor types and can go off the rails easier in that very hard circle of hollywood