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Comment: I didn't even consider that

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I didn't even consider that

I never thought you would be angry, I was concerned that I would offend you in my ignorance about what is an American Muslim.

I tried to explain to you that for me, understanding your experience helps me put my own experiences in perspective. If you are not an American Muslim, as many of the Muslims I met when I was in college, who were born into Islam, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran (Persia, which I have met more Jewish Persians.. sems many people don't know that Iran has the second largest Jewish population.. Syria is 10%, which is more than America's Japanese population by comparison).

I think experience is relevant to a disscussion and I was asking what you're is. I don't understand how you think your experience is not relevant to something personal (at least here in the USA where religion is a choice for many, not all, people are still born into religion and that effort is being challanged as spiritual rape).

I checked out the links in your signature and to be honest, I think you're a nice person, but you don't do a very good job getting people off the Neocon "drivel (condescending terms may work for liberals, but it does not work for conservatives. Muslim's being conservative, if I was to post, "AND GET OFF THE UN AGEDNA DRIVEL ABOUT ISRAELIS://goonwatch would that work for you?