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Road Map

I don't have the time today, but I am going to study this article THANK YOU for posting it.

Ron Paul invited us into the GOP because he knew there was seats.. the Bus killed the GOP.. who the hell would want to join the GOP? That's why we've been able to get seats and chairs.. and as we are coming up in the party.. we have Rand.. we have support..we're doing it.. and now here MSM goes blaming us for the end of the GOP.

They fully intended to destroy the GOP and why Ron Paul said if you want to keep your republic get in..

but these corprate cons (no different than the corporate dems) do not like seeing us showing up into theor corporate party..

writing is on the wall.. GOP is doomed.. si I'm glad that I joined and experienced it.. 8 years...when is that? May 2021 no GOP.